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Here, in beautiful South East Queensland, we have many different species of snakes. Some of these are highly venomous but we also have species that are totally harmless.
To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to identify them. This can cause unnecessary angst and fear. It is always safer to contact a licensed professional than try to handle the situation yourself.

Pat Lazzaro is an expert snake catcher. He will happily give you free advice on what to do if you encounter an unwanted visitor in your home. If you need him to attend he will safely relocate the snake in question.

Snakes play an important role in our ecosystem They help to keep rodents in check. We forget that they make up a significant proportion of the middle-order predators. It is these animals and reptiles that keep our natural ecosystems working. Without them, the numbers of prey species would increase to unnatural levels and the predators that eat snakes would struggle to find food.

What to do if you find a snake in your home

Pat is a professional and experienced snake and animal handler, he will catch, contain and relocate to a safe location.

Your safety and the welfare of the snake are important!

First Aid For Snake Bites

Commonly found snakes in South East Queensland

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