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10 amazing facts about snakes you probably didn’t know

Here at A1 Snake Relocations we work with snakes everyday and they surprise us more often than not. The variety and differences of our beautiful Australian snakes always amazes me and I never get tired of catching them, or seeing them go free back into the wild.

To help you get an understanding of my love of snakes I’ve put together this list of ten amazing facts about snakes. I hope this gives you an insight into the love and admiration I feel for these amazing animals and why I decided to become a Brisbane Snake Catcher.

1. There’s only 5 places on earth where snakes don’t live

If you want to live in a place where there’s no snakes, there’s only five places to choose from – Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand, and the North and South Poles. So if you’re not that keen on snakes we hope you like the cold!

2. If you’re scared of snakes don’t worry, you’re not alone

The fear of snakes is called ophiophobia or herpetophobia and it’s one of the most common fears in humans. From an evolutionary point of view this makes sense as snakes are something that have plagued humans since time immortal and many studies seem to show that we’re pre-wired to have a healthy caution towards snakes and also spiders.

3. Out of the top 25 most deadly snakes in the world, there’s only 5 that DON’T live in Australia

If you’re not into deadly snakes, perhaps Australia isn’t really the right country for you! Out of the top 25 most deadly snakes in the world, we’ve got 20 of them and all of the top ten live in Australia.

Now before you run out to buy a plane ticket to go live in Ireland or New Zealand, just remember that you have to be pretty unlucky to die from a snake bite these days. Between 1979 and 1998 there were 53 deaths from snakes, according to data obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics*.

4. There are some animals that are immune to snake bites

There are a few animals in the world that venom can’t touch. If they get bitten they don’t seem to be affected by the venom (in saying that I still reckon they wouldn’t feel too great after getting a bite!!). The following animals don’t seem to be affected by snake venom. The hedgehog, the Mongoose, the honey badger (my personal favourite) and the secretary bird.

5. Some species of snakes can fly… yep, fly!

Did you know there are five recognized species of flying snakes. Just like a sugar glider or some types of webbed lizards, these species of flying or gliding snakes can glide up to a distance of over 100 metres! Don’t believe us, check out the video below!

6. Snakes can’t eat chewing gum

Did you know that snakes can’t chew their food? They have to swallow their food whole because they don’t have the capacity, jaw structure or the right type of teeth to chew their food, so a packet of Hubba Bubba is no good to a snake!

7. The longest snake in captivity measures over 7 metres long!

If you find yourself in Kansas City, make sure to check out “The Edge of Hell Haunted House” and their pet snake Medusa. She weighs in at a hefty 158.8kg and has been known to to eat an entire 18kg deer in one sitting!

8. Not all snakes are big and scary

Did you know there’s also some very tiny, cute snakes called thread snakes? They live on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean and they are so tiny and cute! Check them out below.

9. Not all snakes lay eggs

Did you know that not all snakes lay eggs? Only about 70% of species of snakes actually lay eggs. The other 30% give birth to live baby snakes, that’s right – tiny, gorgeous baby snakes.

10. Snakes have been used in symbolism all throughout history

Often snakes are used as an allegory to the human condition. Because they shed their skin they can represent birth and rebirth or transformation or even healing and have been used as sacred symbols by many different cultures throughout time around the world.

They can often also represent the duality of good and evil or life and death. Some cultures even use snakes to represent sexual passion and desire or as a symbol of undying love.

Here at A1 Snake Relocations we think snakes are pretty amazing, beautiful creatures and are happy to safely remove and relocate any snakes found in North Brisbane.

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