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About Pat Lazzaro and A1 Snake Relocations

Finding out that a snake is staying in your home or workplace can be overwhelming and quite challenging, and we don’t want that.¬† Pat Lazzaro set up A1 Snake Relocations to help ordinary householders and business owners get rid of uninvited guests! A1 Snake Relocation is equipped with professional snake catchers to help you remove unwanted reptiles. Our highly-trained catchers can handle all kinds of snake breeds.

A1 Snake Relocation provides prompt services in the areas of Brisbane Northern Suburbs including Warner, Samford, Aspley and anywhere in between! Once you call us, our professional and experienced snake and animal handler, will catch and contain the snake. Pat will then move it to a safe, far away and suitable location.  Catching a snake requires professional skills. We can give advice on what to do if that situation occurs but when all is said and done calling a professional snake catcher is the best solution.

What we do:

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We do our very best not harm your intruder. Instead, Pat will move it somewhere that it is okay for them to be snakes and at the same time you can be safe.

The man behind A1 Snake Relocations is Pat Lazzaro. He set up the snake relocation service in a number of years ago. Pat loves the outdoors and he has a burning passion for helping other people. He adores snakes and loathes the bad treatment that they can sometimes get from scared householders.

We at A1 Snake Relocation believe that these snakes play an integral role in keeping the local ecosystem healthy. There are some very venomous snakes in Australia, stumbling across one can be a significant safety issue for all those around.

That is why the company’s mission is to provide fast, professional service so that there will be no harm done to you, your family, or the snake.

Feel free to contact Pat if you ever stumble across a snake and we will help you. You can call us on 0407 129 260