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Some Snakes you may come across in South-East Queensland

Did you know that there are twenty-seven species of terrestrial snake found in the Brisbane area? Or at least that is what they found at the last count! So, what snakes can you expect to find in suburban backyards and perhaps even in the city centre area? The most found snake in the Brisbane and Moreton Bay area is the carpet python. You can also find the common tree snake, keelback and yellow-faced whip snake.

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pet snake

Why we should never ever release a captive-bred pet snake…

First things first. Let’s figure out what is meant by the term ‘captive-bred”. Captive-bred reptiles have never lived in the wild they have spent their entire lives living in captivity. It would usually mean that the animal and its parents were produced by breeders. As a result, captive-bred offspring are usually healthier, easier to interact with as they are more tolerant to being handled, and may have better or desired deliberate genetics. So with all

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What do Snakes Do When it Rains?

Rain is weather that many animals enjoy and welcome. This also includes our snake population. Snakes like nothing better than humid weather and overcast skies. Their absolute ideal scenario is the hours following a storm. We know that the rain will bring the snakes out and the main reason for this is their love of frogs as a tasty treat. You should be aware of when and where you let your pets play when it

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Snake Behaviour 101

Frequently Asked Questions Despite living in a country with over 200 species of snakes, we still get asked a number of questions on a regular basis. Most people understand that snakes are a vital part of our Eco-System and that they help keep common pests under control. For many snake species, a mouse or rat serves beautifully as a lunch or dinner. That helps keep our environment safe. This is just of many reasons why

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Why Use a Professional Snake Removalist?

Without question, snakes are a useful and vital part of our ecosystem. That does not alter the fact that there are some very venomous snakes in Australia. If you accidentally stumble across one, it can be a major safety issue for you and for anyone else that is around if approached. As our great nation becomes more populated, more people are finding snakes in their homes or places of work. Snakes and other reptiles and

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snake bite first aid

How to Effectively Treat a Snake Bite!

We think that it is almost impossible to look at a snake bite and know if it is dangerous or not. In this article, we have tried to cover what we believe are the best first aid treatment options at the moment. Of course, these do depend on the type of snake that has bitten you. We really hope it helps. We suggest first off that all snake bites are treated as potentially life-threatening. That

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Snakes Alive!

Some things you can do to avoid confrontation with a snake. Many of us will see snakes as something to hope we never come across. We might even be a little afraid of them. For others, they are okay with the notion of dealing with one. I guess that most people would be uncomfortable if they knew there was a possibility that they were sharing their home with one. It can be a bit alarming

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There have been some really cold days this winter but day by day you can feel it starting to warm up, right?

After the biting cold that we have been exposed to in Brisbane in the last few weeks more and more of us have been reaching for the thermals. I, for one, am glad to see the temperatures climbing once more. Spring has almost reached South-East Queensland with just a couple of weeks of winter left. This time of year is gorgeous with the fresh, green growth and natures maternity ward opening up. Then of course,

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Why it is important to relocate a snake?

This is a question that we get asked regularly and we are so happy when we hear it. If you have ever asked that question, thank you! There are very few viable reasons for relocating a snake, but we have put together a list so that you understand what they are. The snake inadvertently has found its way inside your car/home/workplace. This is usually a total accident, unless they are on the hunt for food,

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Australian reptiles

Australia – The home of the most reptiles

Australia is home to more reptiles than any other country in the world. Did you know that some give birth to live young while others lay eggs? You will find reptiles in every area of Australia. This can certainly be said for snakes. Although shy creatures the chances of seeing one is quite high, depending on where you live. Snakes don’t want to hurt you, they want to be in your space as little as

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snake in winter

Let’s Talk about What Happens to Snakes during Winter

There are many interesting facts to learn about snakes in Australia. Did you know, for example that that there are 181 species (including sub-species) of snakes that live on the land here and 33 species of sea and fresh water snakes? This number will no doubt continue to grow as new species are still being discovered. We can confirm that around 100 species of these snakes are venomous. Interestingly though of those only 12 have

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snakes in the city

Snakes in the city

Snakes are becoming increasingly common sightings in urban centres across Australia. Brisbane and her surrounding suburbs are no exception. Local snake sightings are on the rise in the urban jungle. There are an increasing number of reports of venomous and non-venomous snakes in Australia’s busy capital cities. Many of Australia’s most feared species are popping up with more and more sightings on a regular basis. The potent eastern brown, red-bellied black and tiger snakes are

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avoid snake bites in dogs


I love all animals! I love all reptiles and I love dogs too. I hate the idea of dogs being bitten by snakes just as much as I hate the idea of a snake being harmed in any way. There have been many occasions where I have been called to catch a snake following an incident with a dog. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that in many cases, the dog does not survive.

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animals and climate change

How Climate Change Affects our Animals

Do you know that after every severe weather event a Climate Change Risk Assessment is done? These assessments occur in cities, states, and countries across our great planet. The purpose of this is to determine how global warming is affecting the economy of a region. It measures changes in air quality that could affect people. It also examines what impact it is having on the wildlife in the area. The negative effects of climate change

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caught snake in brisbane

How to deal with snakes

Some people see snakes as something to be scared of. For others, they’re okay dealing with them. Most people would be a tad uncomfortable if they knew there were sharing their home with them. You can get a little crazy and alarmed if you are out walking and one starts coming towards you. The first instinct when you don’t know what to do is to run away or defend your space. It has to be

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common death adder

Some Snakes of South-East Queensland

Are you aware that there can be a lot of colour variation between individuals within a single species of snake? It can be difficult to positively identify some snakes if you are not an expert in this field. Never approach a snake and don’t ever assume that they are non-venomous. There are twenty-seven species of terrestrial snake found in the Brisbane area, at last count. Some snakes you will find in suburban backyards and perhaps

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Eastern brown snake

An Introduction to the EASTERN BROWN SNAKE

(Pseudonaja textilis)One of the most venomous snakes in the world is the Eastern Brown Snake. It lives right here, in the Eastern areas of Australia. It is generally considered to have the second most toxic venom in the world and calls this home. Even with the Eastern Brown sharing this beautiful land with us, deaths caused by snakebite in Australia are very rare. More people get killed in this country by honeybees than by venomous

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A1 Snake Relocations

September 2020 – Snakes are on the move again

We love Summer, well most of us do! And you can certainly feel that the temperatures are on their way up at the moment. That of course gets me all excited, it means that the snakes are out and about! I know that doesn’t excite some of you so I thought I would put pen to paper and maybe ease your mind a little bit. I have also given you some tips on how to

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