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Why does a snake shed its skin


Have you ever wondered why a snake shed its skin? It is really quite fascinating that reptiles have their own way of growing and maturing. Snakes shed their skin as they grow just as humans change their clothes. This is because it has outgrown its current skin. While humans “shed” millions of skin cells every day, snakes and other animals shed a layer of skin in one continuous piece, a process called ecdysis. An average

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snake in the attic

Snakes in the attic!

Picture the scene… You and the family are sitting one Sunday evening watching a film on the television. You hear rustling and a dragging sound and no, it isn’t part of the movie! Mum sends Dad up into the attic and he emerges two minutes later ashen white and trembling ever so slightly! What could have caused such a reaction? He came face to face with a 3-metre Carpet Python who until then was quite

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blue snakes

10 amazing facts about snakes you probably didn’t know

Here at A1 Snake Relocations we work with snakes everyday and they surprise us more often than not. The variety and differences of our beautiful Australian snakes always amazes me and I never get tired of catching them, or seeing them go free back into the wild. To help you get an understanding of my love of snakes I’ve put together this list of ten amazing facts about snakes. I hope this gives you an

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Keelback snake

Keelback snake or Freshwater snake (Tropidonophis mairii)

Take a close look at this totaly harmless fella. It’s a keel back snake also known as a fresh water snake (Tropidonophis mairii). An interesting fact is that they are one of only a handful of vertebrates that actually eat young cane toads. Unfortunately because of their appearance they are easily mistaken for brown snakes or rough-scaled snakes and are often killed as a result, to the point of almost being wiped out in the south-east.

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Carpet python on a gate

Carpet python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli)

Carpet python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli) On the night of the 4th Feb 18, life emerged from a clutch of eggs I handed over to Jon Groom from Reptile Rehab QLD who successfully incubated them. All ten hatchlings were healthy and ready for release two days after hatching, Mum, just shy of 2m long and eggs were found in a compost bin by a gentleman in Bunya QLD. 

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brown snake

Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis)

Hmm…..challenge accepted, lovely 1.5m eastern brown (Pseudonaja textilis) found in Cashmer QLD tangled in garden netting from the mid-section down. Thankfully uninjured. Eastern browns are the world’s sencond most venomous snakes and should be treated with extreme caution. They are very ready and quick strikers and deaths have resulted from their bites. Best left alone as their first reaction is to try and get away from you. They have poor eye-sight so if you stumble

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catching a brown snake

Efficient And Effective Snake Removal

Now that the warmer months are upon us, the snakes will be out to play sunning themselves and slithering through people’s yards, woodsheds and anywhere there’s a build up of items hanging around your place. You are often bound to find a slippery snake curled up in a variety of spaces but not just outdoors, indoors too. While the cliché is that snakes love to sun themselves on rocks and asphalt but in reality, snakes love chicken/hen houses and

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caught snake in brisbane

Summer is Here and the Snakes Are Out

Spring and summer have always been synonymous with the increased activity of snakes. From the minute the temperatures rise, most Australians know to keep out of the long grass and be mindful that snakes may be in unexpected places. As we are currently experiencing a record-breaking summer, it is probably a good idea to know that snakes are not as big a fan of the heat as we may think. Spring through to summer though is in fact their

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snake removal from a car

Why Use A Professional Snake Removalist?

Even though they are a necessary part of our ecosystem, there are some very venomous snakes in Australia so if you accidentally stumble across one, it can be a major safety issue for all of those around. As the weather changes and Australia becomes more populated, more people are finding snakes in their homes or places of work; if you do come across a snake in a place where they probably should not be, then

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