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Summer is Here and the Snakes Are Out

Spring and summer have always been synonymous with the increased activity of snakes. From the minute the temperatures rise, most Australians know to keep out of the long grass and be mindful that snakes may be in unexpected places. As we are currently experiencing a record-breaking summer, it is probably a good idea to know that snakes are not as big a fan of the heat as we may think. Spring through to summer though is in fact their

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snake removal from a car

Why Use A Professional Snake Removalist?

Even though they are a necessary part of our ecosystem, there are some very venomous snakes in Australia so if you accidentally stumble across one, it can be a major safety issue for all of those around. As the weather changes and Australia becomes more populated, more people are finding snakes in their homes or places of work; if you do come across a snake in a place where they probably should not be, then

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