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Efficient And Effective Snake Removal

Now that the warmer months are upon us, the snakes will be out to play sunning themselves and slithering through people’s yards, woodsheds and anywhere there’s a build up of items hanging around your place. You are often bound to find a slippery snake curled up in a variety of spaces but not just outdoors, indoors too. While the cliché is that snakes love to sun themselves on rocks and asphalt but in reality, snakes love chicken/hen houses and yards, bird aviaries and anywhere where there are plenty of rodents to catch and eat. While snakes are unwanted visitors to your property, residential or commercial, they are a natural part of our eco-system and therefore A1 Snake Relocations manages the welfare of you, your household or team and the snake itself when conducting a snake removal. Catering for the northern suburbs of Brisbane, we will attend your property promptly and deftly handle the unwanted intruder relocating it far away from you and to a suitable and safer habitat. We are fully licenses and insured and the owner, Pat is a qualified snake handler, rescuer and instructor so for snake removal in your Brisbane property, A1 Snake Relocations is the company to call if you are in North Brisbane and surrounds.

Catching A Slippery One?

While we are more than happy to provide free advice about different types of snakes of South-Eastern Queensland, A1 Snake Relocations won’t provide advice on how to catch a snake yourself. Snake removal is best left to a professional – the experts know what they are doing! Some snakes of the region are highly venomous while others are harmless such as the Common Tree Snake which is reluctant to bite and will ‘mock strike’ rather than actually strike and bite. That doesn’t mean they won’t if stressed or disturbed enough though. You should always seek medical attention for all snake bites and avoid washing the area as any venom left on the skin can aid in identifying the type of snake that the bite is from and this determines the antivenom utilised. Snakes can be threats to household pets and animals such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds and chickens; for snake removal for the safety of your animals and the snake, contact A1 Snake Relocations and Pat and his team will do the trick. It is always wise not to try and catch the snake yourself or even take a shovel or pole to it; you can harm the poor snake and snakes are a vital part of the natural ecosystem and food chain. They help keep the presence of rodents and pests down and are middle-order predators. There are reports of people stabbing a snake in their property or hitting it with a shovel or the like which is not the optimum way to manage snake removal and certainly not the kindest act. These types of actions are illegal and mostly lead to a bite or the death of the snake either at the scene or later in the care of wildlife officers (note – you can still receive venom from a dead snake). Are you wondering why we should feel sorry for the snake? Because snakes are native species of Australia and they are protected from being hunted or killed. Their welfare is important but obviously so is yours, that of your family or household, your pets and animals and of your team if you are a business. The best way to manage a snake is to keep watch of it while you phone a professional such as Pat of A1 Snake Relocations and his team and they will conduct a snake removal for you.


As noted, snakes are out to play more in the warmer months of Spring and Summer, often found in gardens and parks. The best way to handle an encounter with a snake is to not panic and not threaten the snake – they are more scared of you! Don’t approach the snake and certainly not with any instrument you wish to use to hurt the snake. Make a wide berth around the snake or wait until it has moved on… or slithered along which is usually the case. Naturally, keep your pets away. Many dogs will want to know what the animal is and are curious while others like German Short-Haired Pointers are hunters. Some dogs and cats will actively go in for the kill or try to play with the snake so it is best to have your pets well away from the snake. Obviously when it comes to not only yourself and your pets but your children, keep well away! Your children are at extreme risk being so young and curious, and so naturally, protecting them is highly important. Snake removal by a professional is the best way to manage a snake at your property and calling A1 Snake Relocations is the prime choice for people of northern Brisbane.

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