caught snake in brisbane

How to deal with snakes

Some people see snakes as something to be scared of. For others, they’re okay dealing with them. Most people would be a tad uncomfortable if they knew there were sharing their home with them.

You can get a little crazy and alarmed if you are out walking and one starts coming towards you. The first instinct when you don’t know what to do is to run away or defend your space. It has to be said though that this can lead to the persecution of these animals with acts of violence often committed against them. This is the case even when the most harmless of snakes is sighted.

Dealing with snakes can be challenging and even as a snake catcher I am happy to concede that. But the answer is to learn more about the way it hunts for prey, finds food, finds a mate, and the way it lives. Learning about how they outgrow their skin and change it at least once a month is amazing to me.

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