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There are many different species of venomous snakes in South East Queensland so if you see a snake, it’s safest to assume that it’s venomous until you find out otherwise.

Non-Venomous Snake Removal

There are many species of non-venomous snakes in South East Queensland and many times home-owners won’t even realise there’s a snake in their roof or on their property until they see a sure fire sign that a snake is in or around their home.

3 Steps for safely dealing with non-venomous snakes...

The first thing to do is to stay calm! Snakes don’t see people as a food source – we are too big to eat. The likelihood of them attacking you is very small. One sure fire way to ensure you get attacked by a snake is to startle or provoke it – not recommended!

Step One – Remove everyone from danger

The first thing you will want to do is get all kids and any pets/animals away from the snake. The safest place in a home will differ. It depends on the type of home you live in and where the snake is. Also take note of whether the snake is active or dormant. Once everyone is out of the way of the snake you can move on to step two.

Be aware that whilst non-venomous snakes won’t kill with a bite they can inflict serious damage if large enough. They can cause death to pets (depending on their size, chickens, birds, cats and small dogs, etc) if they are quick enough to catch them.

Step Two – Close off the room

If you can, try to close off the room by closing all windows and doors. Put a heavy blanket, damp towel or draft stopper under the door so the snake can’t escape. If you can, jam it under the door well so there’s no chance of  the snake escaping. Remember where you last saw the snake. Try to remember the size, colourations and any distinct markings. How was it behaving? Was it aggressive with lots of movement or slow and lethargic? If you can keep an eye on him to see where he goes. Whilst we make every effort to catch each snake we’re called out to, snakes are experts at hiding or leaving an area undetected. We will do everything in our power to find a snake in a room, but it is a big help if you can watch him and let us know where he is! Being a Snake Catcher in Brisbane we come across a lot of non-venomous snakes and always take customer safety and the welfare of the snake seriously.

Step Three – Call Pat on 0407 129 260

Once everyone is safely out of harm’s way and the room is closed, it’s time to call in a professional. Please remember that the majority of snake bites are caused by people trying to catch the snake themselves. It’s not worth taking the risk unless you’re a trained professional or you are really confident that you can do this!

Venomous Snake Control Services

When it comes to living in Brisbane, it doesn’t get much better. Great weather, amazing local produce and plenty of open bushy places to have a BBQ or enjoy the outdoors. With these open bushy places that are scattered all throughout the Brisbane north region comes animals and unfortunately some of these are venomous snakes.

3 Steps for safely dealing with venomous snakes...

The best thing you can do if you see any type of snake, venomous or not, is to leave it alone. Snakes usually will only bother you if they’re provoked. They don’t see us as a food source, we’re too big to eat. So if you see a snake in or around your property, the best thing you can do is just leave it alone, keep a safe distance and keep an eye on it until a trained professional arrives. There are many types of venomous snakes in and around the Northside of Brisbane and if you see a snake, the safest thing to do is assume that any snake you see is venomous.

Step One – Remove everyone from danger

When dealing with a venomous snake it’s extremely important that you remove everyone from danger. This includes yourself, kids and your pets and animals away from danger. Brisbane snake catchers have been around enough snakes to know they can be unpredictable when provoked. You will want to ensure you make slow movements if you find yourself close to a snake. Once everyone is out of danger of the snake you can move on to step two.

Step Two – Seal the room, shed or garage

Quite often when we are called out to catch a snake in the Brisbane area we find it hiding in a junk pile, shed or garage. If you find yourself face to face with an Eastern Brown, Red Belly Black or Death Adder back away slowly and shut the door. If you can, keep an eye on the area you saw the snake to make sure it doesn’t escape or go to another area. This can be difficult as snakes are experts at hiding and escaping.

Step Three – Call Pat on 0407 129 260

When everyone is safe and you’ve managed to seal off the room, shed or area the snake was seen, it’s time to call in a professional snake control service. DO NOT try to catch or kill the snake yourself as most bites occur when people with no experience try to kill or catch a snake. It is worth noting that all Australian native snakes are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and it’s an offence to injure or kill them.

Snake Nest and Egg Removal in North Brisbane

Picture the scene. It’s a beautiful day and you and the kids out doing the gardening. Suddenly you come across a clutch of reptile eggs. Typically snakes will lay their eggs in leaf litter or rotten logs so if you have piles of lawn clippings or an open compost heap with lots of organic matter in it, this is prime real estate for a snake. We offer a free service whereby we relocate the eggs to a safe environment.r

What to do if you find a clutch of snake eggs

If you find a clutch of eggs in a pile of lawn clippings, leaf litter or a compost pile, the first thing you will want to do is slowly back away. Leave the pile undisturbed. You don’t know how recently they were laid and the snake that laid them could still be around.

If you’re wondering who to call for snake egg removal, you’re on the right website. Give Pat the Snake Catcher a call on 1800 904 643 and he will happily come out to your North Brisbane property and carefully remove the eggs. If the Mum is still hanging around he can relocate her too. We do this totally free of charge.

Remove, Incubate, Hatch and Release

From there he will put them into an appropriate vessel. Pat will then relocate the eggs to Reptile Rehab Queensland. Here they will incubate the eggs, hatch them and release the reptiles back into the wild.