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Snake Behaviour 101

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite living in a country with over 200 species of snakes, we still get asked a number of questions on a regular basis.

Most people understand that snakes are a vital part of our Eco-System and that they help keep common pests under control. For many snake species, a mouse or rat serves beautifully as a lunch or dinner. That helps keep our environment safe. This is just of many reasons why we should learn more about this incredible reptile and help to preserve it!

So, we have put together a couple of the questions we get asked the most. If you have another question, please reach out to Pat Lazzaro who will be happy to help!

1. Why do we fear snakes?

There are a number of reasons that we fear snakes. These include:

  • Cultural programming subconsciously screams that snakes are scary!
  • The fact that snakes have no facial expression is unnerving and doesn’t help in presenting them as cold and fearless
  • Media hype with scary-looking action pics really solidifies the idea that snakes should be feared
  • The language used when people are talking about snakes. Words such as deadly, dangerous, and aggressive don’t give the snake a particularly good reputation!

2. Why do snakes choose to live in and around residential areas?

There is a very simple explanation for this, and it may not be what you are expecting. Our living habitations are expanding with new developments popping up everywhere. We are destroying and invading the snakes’ space. We disturb them and destroy their habitat. We are choosing to live where they live and not the other way around.

Another aspect of this is that snakes find the lure of rodents just too appealing to ignore! Of course, rats and mice thrive around any populated area. This is because they have easy access to food waste and rubbish. With people and homes, it is inevitable that there will be poorly maintained and overgrown yards. Snakes are also drawn to water sources like pet bowls, pools, birdbaths, and leaky water pipes. All of these offer an immediate supply of water without having to work too hard!

3. What do snakes want from you?

The truth is that they want absolutely nothing. To them, you’re a giant predator. They know instinctively that people should be avoided at all costs. That is of course if we make that possible for them to do so! The best advice that we can give you as professional snake relocators is this… stay out of their personal space! Do this and they will not see you as a threat. Seeing you as a threat will trigger a defensive response that may not end well for you! Enjoy their beauty from a safe distance.

4. What if a snake chases me?

Think about it logically! Snakes have no reason to chase down a giant. The only time a venomous snake is dangerous is if it perceives that it can’t escape you. Feeling threatened is when the real danger happens! Snakes are not territorial; rather they have a roaming range which they happily share with other snake species. The mythical chase comes from one’s own perception when a cornered snake attempts to bluff an advance toward you.

If you find yourself in this situation, back off slowly. If you don’t have time to do this, then keep totally still. Snakes react to movement. If you give them the space and opportunity, they will quickly switch back to escape mode. Once that kicks in you would be lucky to ever see that snake again.

Always remember, snakes are a vital part of a healthy ecosystem. Without them, the landscape would look very different than it does with them!

If you need help Pat Lazzaro is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just ask! Call him on 0407 129 260

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